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Radon Gas Causes Lung Cancer! Is Your Home Safe?

Health Canada says that about 1 in 6 lung cancers are caused by radon gas.


Measuring, Diagnosing & Mitigating Radon Throughout Saskatchewan
Western Manitoba and Eastern Alberta

MASTER RADON is here to help you make your home safe for all who enter. Radon gas, according to Health Canada causes about 1 out of every 6 lung cancers (16%)  and is the leading environmental cause of lung cancer. How many times have you heard of people getting lung cancer who have never smoked a day in their life?

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Stories from some happy customers

Frank and his boys are the best at what they do. We cannot stress enough at how professional, clean and precise their work is. We are extremely happy with the work, and our levels are now below 30. We started above 400.

I’m so impressed with the Master Radon solution. I was made aware of the issue from the Sask Lung Association and the results from the 4 month sensor test was to fix the radon levels. Master Radon (Frank Kirkpatrick) instantly put me at ease. He explained the solution, which was in a possible three phases, although he was certain that the first phase would mitigate the high readings. He was right! The solution was well planned, the contract was very clear, it stipulated every cost and was very well done. The installation was on time and was the exact price as was quoted. The follow up has been terrific. I’m impressed the warranty goes with the house, not the owner, which can only add to the value of my house. I cannot say enough good things about this solution.
— LORNE BOYLE, regina sk

Master Radon did a fantastic job to reduce the radon gas levels in my house. The pre-work radon gas readings in the basement bedroom where sump hole exists and where my son sleeps was over 3600! That’s crazy high. Frank was very confident that he’d be able to get the levels down to within the Canadian standards and quickly put our minds at ease. Frank’s communication leading up to the installation day and during installation were great. I was curious about the process and he was happy to oblige by showing me the different phases of installation. The end result was a very professional looking installation. In 48 hours, the reading for radon gas in that basement bedroom went down to 75, giving us peace of mind that our son’s bedroom and the entire house no longer has an issue with radon gas. Frank’s customer service went beyond my expectation. If you’re thinking of addressing a radon gas issue in your home, I would strongly recommend hiring Master Radon.
— ROB ARGUIN, regina sk

I was very pleased with Master Radon. The installation was completed in less than a day, and they cleaned up after, not leaving any mess. Radon levels dropped to 26 from several hundreds.
— ROBERTA COX, langback SK


We will visit your home to provide a personalized review and estimate. We note challenges to repairs in your home, and recommend the best method to mitigate.

Our C-NRPP certified technicians can answer all your radon questions and help you take care of any concerns.

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If you prefer to do the work yourself, you can still take advantage of the Master Radon expertise. Along with our testing, measurement, consultations and recommendations, we provide tailor-made mitigation kits (with consulting service), and post-mitigation air pressure testing to ensure your family’s safety.