Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation      

With many years background in home building, renovating, troubleshooting and home inspecting, a serious deficiency was discovered in our province. With all the information about the dangers of radon gas, it was surprising to find that there were no companies yet in the province who had the skills to mitigate the risk for homeowners.

My name is Frank Kirkpatrick. I  was certified and began mitigating homes in 2012 . I have dozens of  successful mitigation jobs completed throughout the province.  

I am expanding my interests into measurement, teaching, consulting and providing diagnostics.

I am willing to assist you to a successful DIY mitigation, if that is something you would like to attempt. A follow up air pressure test can be conducted for you to insure your families safety in the event of a wrong air pressure result in the home following repair.

You can learn more about radon gas at Health Canada's website: