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Elevated levels of radon gas are linked to lung cancer; testing and if required, mitigation (lowering of radon levels) is the way to ensure safety of all those living in and entering your home. (Including pets)


We will visit your home to provide a personalized review and estimate. We note challenges to repairs in your home, and recommend the best method to mitigate.

Our C-NRPP certified technicians can answer all your radon questions and help you take care of any concerns.


Southern Saskatchewan has among the highest rates of elevated radon levels in the country, so testing is a vital first step.

 If there are high levels of radon gas in your home we can determine the best method for obtaining maximum results. 


Our certified technicians have the training and expertise to repair the problem, lowering the radon in your home to the safe levels established by Health Canada.


Concerned there may be Radon in YOUR home?